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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


"Rising Above"
acrylic, ink, and wax pastel
on 12" x 12" wrapped canvas

I'm craving simplicity again.  A few weeks ago I was craving excitement, but I think I should have been more specific.  Since then, my life has been filled with health scares (all is well, after all!), car accidents, numerous car repairs, serious plumbing emergencies, and countless other annoying and expensive little detours.  Nothing nearly as bad as what those poor people who were in Sandy's path are facing, though. My heart goes out to each and every one of them.

At around the same time all those little detours of life started, I had decided to paint over two landscapes I no longer loved.  So I gessoed them, and painted both the canvases a cheery yellow.

This was how "Rising Above" looked when I started painting.   I thought the painting was going in a completely different direction then.  It's funny how some paintings take on a life of their own.  They seem to finish themselves.  Especially portraits.

Painting on a yellow background was interesting, although I didn't care for the yellow sides.

So I painted the sides a distressed blue, allowing some of the yellow to still peek though.  I really like the way that looks.  Since then I've also painted the other canvas blue, and I'll be painting on that later this week, unless my life takes a few more unexpected detours. :0)

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are all well, and safe and warm.  I'll try to get back to regular blogging again now.


  1. Hi Angela- I love this little painting. Wouldn't we all love to fly above it all on the back of a large red bird! Glad to hear that many crises have been averted or are now over.

  2. Thankyou for sharing the journey of this painting. :)It's so brave to paint over something that once upon a time was finished, but how therapeutic it is when it becomes an even better one! I've had similar experiences to you lately and I hope this is the turnaround now.
    Yellow seems like a nice happy sunny colour to start with, I look forward to seeing more. :)
    Jess x

  3. Angela,

    Hi sweetie. I have been missing you and thinking about you and meaning to email. So sorry for your rough patch. I love your sunflower woman riding the bird.
    Carefree. Sending big hugs. xoxo

  4. Simplicity is one of my favorite words. It helps me keep priorities straight. I am so sorry for all your troubles Angela. Your wonderful work here speaks healing for sure!

  5. Love your cheerful 'Rising Above' - such a hopeful image for folks dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

    Sorry you've had so many of life's little challenges all at once - hopefully that's all behind you.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading more of your blog posts!

  6. yes, I truly believe that uneventful is highly underrated... and your new piece is fab, great whimsy..x

  7. ahhhh, lovely angela... it appears you're taking off and rising above it all.


  8. Hi, Angela. It looks like you have risen above the complications of life with your paintbrush. Lovely painting and very cheerful.
    best, nadia

  9. Positive Engergie, wie immer bei Dir!

    Die Erfahrung mit dem "Eigenleben" habe ich auch schon öfters bei Bildern gemacht.

    Viel Freude beim Bloggen!

  10. Yes, of course it is you, Angela, flying off and away from all those worldly scares and annoyances.
    They often fall on us all at the same time, don't they? Good, you are on smooth seas now, or rather smooth skies:)Very symbolic painting! (love her dress btw)

  11. This painting says joy and hope. I don't think a painting done on a yellow ground could be anything but!

  12. Thank you all!

    Things are beginning to look up again.

    Wishing you all joy and hope and love.

  13. It is true...we should always be careful what we ask for! I'm craving simplicity myself these days. No more excitement needed for a time. I love your new piece. A yellow base is such a bright, sunny way to start!

  14. Love your blog.Your style brings a lot of joy to all of us. Thanks

  15. some days i think that detours is actually the road. ha ha. i like seeing your painting process.


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