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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

a random passion - minutiae

The pattern of frost on the car this morning.  A few minutes after this photo was taken, the early morning sunshine reached the roof of the car, and this gorgeous example of nature's art was merely a melted memory.

As I'm learning to go with the flow (see previous post), I find I have more time to notice and appreciate the minutiae of life.  The amazing things we are all often too busy to notice as we scurry thought our lives. 

plural noun: minutiae; plural noun: minutia
the small, precise, or trivial details of something.
"the minutiae of everyday life"
synonyms:details, niceties, finer points, particulars

At one time, I thought I was too sophisticated and important to notice such trivial things.  Now I know that noticing and appreciating such things makes my life richer and fuller and more beautiful.

image found on Pinterest

I hope you find something that makes your life more beautiful today.


  1. what an amazing not-so-random random design . one of the gifts i'm most thankful for is noticing. and also being astonished.

    i know this is true for you too.

    i love you twinkly twin

    1. Every time I look at this photo I'm astonished by it. It makes me wonder how much beauty appears briefly within our lives, yet we're never aware of it. I'm definitely going to be paying more attention! :) Yes, I agree. Astonishment is a true gift.

      I love you, too!

  2. An incredible, intricately beautiful pattern. You were lucky to have caught it in time!

    1. Oh yes, I feel very lucky I had the chance to see it - and share it! :)

      Wouldn't this make a beautiful pattern on one of your scarves?


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